The shop TIBETAN LAMA ART – Hamburg was opened in summer 1999 in Hamburg’s St. Georg district which is characterised by its multi-cultural orientation. The shop is a calm sanctuary in contrast with the lively hustle and bustle on the street.

Due to unbelievably fortunate circumstances, TIBETAN LAMA ART landed in Zurich in 2012. TIBETAN LAMA ART – Zurich could open for business in the Seefeld Street in September 2012. The popular and lively Seefeld district is centrally located on the right shore of Lake Zurich.

We delight in presenting our visitors the extraordinary quality of the Buddhist workmanship.

The exhibits are primarily newly manufactured items which have been produced in accordance with traditional methods and authentic iconography in Nepal.

Our top priority with the exhibits is to impart the impression of the highly sacred workmanship of the Tibetan Buddhists. Many times within the exhibitory framework, we have already been able to display the treasures of this art steeped in tradition.